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Neuroscientist Sources

Name Lifetime Nationality Awards or eponymous Larry Abbott 1950– United States Mathematical Neuroscience Prize – 2013.[1] Susan Ackerman   United States   Albert Wojciech Adamkiewicz 1850–1921 Poland Artery of Adamkiewicz Edgar Douglas Adrian 1889–1977 United Kingdom Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine – 1932.[2] Patrick Aebischer 1954– Switzerland   George…

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Super Mind

Super Mind: The Human Psynome Project
(SMHSP or HSP for short)

Super Mind: The Human Psynome Project was headed up by UPAX (United States Psychiatric Association).

Today, Monday, March 24, 2014, at 12:00 noon precisely, Dr. Bisconti announced the final breakthrough that completes a 50-year analytical study of the human mind. This advances Super Mind: The Human Psynome Project (SMHSP or HSP for short) to the point where chemical psychiatry is now a thing of the past. (Sorry, pharmaceutical companies, you just lost a trillion dollars.)

Super Mind: The Human Psynome Project uses concepts analogous to biological concepts but which are not in any way biological. Super Mind: The Human Psynome Project (SMHSP or HSP for short) is an American scientific research project with the goals of determining the chronological sequence of psybase pairs (pschological base pairs (“building blocks of the mind”]) that make up human DXA (the conceptual substructure of the human mind) and of identifying and mapping all of the psygenes (psybase pair complexes [psybase pair aggregates {psychological base pair aggregates}]) of the human psynome (DXA) from transcendental, cerebral, and functional standpoints.

To begin to provide better understanding of the concepts involved, here are the mental structures, in governing order from most powerful to least powerful:

  1. mind
  2. DXA (psynomes): the conceptual substructure of the human mind; called also a “psynome”; the mind consists of aggregates of DXA (psynomes)
  3. psygene: a psybase pair complex (psychological base pair aggregate); DXA (psynomes) is made up of psygenes
  4. psybase pair: a psychological base pair; a “building block of the mind”; psygenes consist of psybase pairs

One of the most critical discoveries/implications of HSP is that the brain is the servant of the mind and not, as medical science has taught for 200 years, the other way around.

Needless to say, we have much more information to provide on HSP.

Footnote: Dr. Bisconti notes that it was an American and a Christian and a Bible believer who made the critical discoveries underlying HSP.

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Pneumiatry: Original Articles

Pneumiatry: Original Articles These articles first appeared on our original Pneumiatry: Biblical Psychiatry website. • All Decisions Must Be Based On Facts • Does God Really Put People In Hell? • Does The Bible Talk About The Unconscious Mind? • Is The Mind Governed By The Laws Of Physics? •…

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Pneumiatry is biblical psychiatry. The word “pneumiatry” is pronounced “new-my-uh-tree.” ////// Biblical mental health science far surpasses all other mental health science. Secular mental health science can only help Christians 1%. This is, in part, because secular mental health science does not include the science of the “pneuma,” what the…

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